Monday, January 20, 2014

Baking Bread

I love to bake, and bread is just about the best thing ever in my book. My mom told me why the other day. She was telling me that when I was small I didn't like to eat - hard to believe now- but, she was talking to the Dr. about it and he told her to put little pieces of buttered bread where I played and when I got hungry I would eat. Apparently it worked, and really, there is nothing I like better than a good piece of bread or roll with butter. Now I know why I have this love and fascination with bread.

I have tried lots and lots of recipes and I found this one and it has become a favorite of mine, because it is so easy. I do take a couple of the cups of white flour out and add my whole wheat flour that I grind at home. Delish!!

I do have a Bosch that makes bread making so much easier, but I think the KitchenAid would work just as well. I have used it for Cinnamon rolls, Cinnamon swirl bread, Rolls. Seriously really good and easy.

Make Cinnamon Swirl bread and make French toast with Butter Syrup. . . Oh My Deliciousness!! Really, go do it. . . NOW!

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