Friday, November 23, 2012

Grandpa's Chex Mix

Every holiday get together we count on Grandpa's chex wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without it. I can make it and I do when he isn't here to do it for us. but it is never the same. I think it's the love he puts into it.

Although this Thanksgiving is a little different- he forgot the makes a difference!

If you want the recipe look on the box of the Chex cereal, that's what he uses.

It's a process:

First you have to open all the boxes and measure it all out.

Then you have to season it all with the melted butter mix and stir, then put them in the microwave for a couple minutes. If you can't tell, he has 3 pans going...

Then more seasoning and stirring and microwaving.


you have a big bowl ready to dig into. (Plus a few gallon size bags in the pantry for when you run low!)

We love it!

Thanks Dad!

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