Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey Family...

Hi everyone!

I was texting Rachel a couple weeks ago and we were talking about a family recipe blog. A blog where we could all go and we could all post our reviews of recipes we've found, tried, invented...Whatever. So here it is.

It can be a success or a failure depending on all of us. But you know how fun it would be to see what we are all doing and to post some of the favorites with pictures of us making it and enjoying it? Especially now that we all seem to live in different states. Sometimes we have to have white chocolate popcorn and Fritos for Christmas...the recipe would always be here. We could always find a piece of home here waiting for us. I think it will be GREAT!! Let's all Share!

Send me your emails and I will add you to the authors list so we all can contribute.


  1. Rachelrutt@gmail.com

    :) thanks for making the blog!

  2. Can you add me. email: Roslyn.Fish@live.com